Boeken reliëfsnijwerk.

Honderd projecten om zelf cadeautjes te snijden.

Woodcarvers are always looking for new ideas, and this guide provides a wide variety of great gift ideas—from traditional objects like walking sticks, bowls, and pencil holders to earrings, bracelets, and brooches. A section devoted to jewelry provides literature on an often-neglected niche of woodcarving. Ideas for specific holidays or special events like birthdays, graduations, and holidays are also included. All the projects are photographed and are accompanied by detailed, step-by-step instructions, allowing novice carvers as well as more experienced woodworkers to complete the pieces.

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Imagine a beautiful red rose. Now imagine carving that rose in wood. Impossible? Not with the techniques in this new book from award-winning flower carver Wanda Marsh.
Three projects - each incorporating new skills and techniques - are structured to guide you through the basics of flower carving. Learn to carve the simple, star-patterned petals of the morning glory, move on to the fringed petals of the hibiscus, then carve the delicate, nesting petals of the rose.
Each project includes:
- reference photos of the live flower
- full-size, ready-to-use patterns
- a list of common tools
- start-to-finish carving instruction
- step-by-step painting instruction
Wanda Marsh's name is well known in flower-carving circles. Her most recent carving awards include winning first, second and third place in the flower carving division at the 2000 International Woodcarvers Congress in Davenport, Iowa. A popular instructor, Wanda can be found teaching flower carving in her home state of Texas and at other locations across the country.
125 copie vrije celtic voorbeelden en |Noorse designs.

125 copyright-free designs depict birds, human figures, mythological creatures, interwoven patterns & other motifs.

Celtic Woodcraft.

20 populaire voorbeelden om te snijden met de hand of machinaal.

20 popular Celtic designs to make using your regular hand or power tools. Includes instructions on design transfer.

Classical Burning and carving  patterns. Een boek met 55 bladzijden met voorbeelden voor houtbranden en houtsnijden.

Filled with inspiring patterns & project ideas developed in the authors own unique style.

Designs for Pyrography and other Crafts. 114 bladzijden vol met voorbeelden voor houtsnijden en houtbranden.
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Landscapes and Techniques

32 voorbeelden met stap voor stap instructies.

You'll start with the basics, including an in-depth lesson on how to render various barn building materials, how to make basic relief carving cuts and how to choose a wood for your project. Then Susan takes you step-by-step through carving a country landscape. You'll learn:
- how to map out levels in a pattern
- how to trace pattern levels onto the blank
- how to work roughed-out levels
- how to carve texture for foliage and buildings
- how to create three-dimensional foreground elements
- and how to dry brush your finished carving with oil paints.
Susan rounds out the book with 32 landscape patterns for you to carve as is or to alter to your own inspirations. You'll find old country barns with cupolas and silos, stately country homes, beautiful churches tucked into scenic valleys and rustic mills reflected in still pools. More than 20 of the patterns include a pencil drawing to aid you in planning the layers of your project.
Whether you're a beginning relief carver or an experienced relief carver searching for a new topic, Landscapes in Relief includes something for you.

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Inspirationel relief carving

Houtsnijden in relief van A.tot Z met voorbeelden.  118 bladzijden.

Author and ordained Pastor, William Judt provides instruction - and inspiration - in this step-by-step guide to relief carving. From the theory of relief carving, to basic cuts and tool overview, no detail has been left out. You will learn to carve with skill and purpose as you follow the author through a step-by-step project and study the inspiration behind various carvings.
Inside You'll Find:
- Over 20 carving patterns
- Step-by-step instructions for a Dove and cross House Blessing
- Relief carving basics
- Tool and safety overview
- Case studies discussing the inspiration, composition and techniques for sample carvings
- Plus, information on how to sell your carvings!

Relief Carving in Wood.

Begeleiding in detail door het proces van houtsnijden in hoog en laar reliëf.

Within this full-color tutorial that outlines the entire carving process, beginners will find guidance on setting up a workplace; choosing and using tools and materials; even what to do if things go wrong. Suggestions for “next steps” include more advanced techniques and advice on designing projects.

Relief carving Made Simple.

Boek omschrijft de start van het reliëfsnijden met stap voor stap instructies  voor een basis bloemenproject.


Relief Carving.

Voorbeelden, Tips en Technieken. 99 bladzijden. 



Easy to Do.

Bloemvoorbeelden voor houtsnijden

48 bladzijden met  23 projecten met voorbeelden.


Floral woodcarving

Bloemvoorbeelden voor houtsnijden

47 bladzijden met  21 projecten met voorbeelden.


Step by Step Relief carving.

75 bladzijden hoe men vanaf het begin  een relief moet snijden met voorbeelden en foto's

Keltische voorbeelden.

Een boek vol met voorbeelden van de Keltische kunst. 188 bladzijden

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185 bladzijden vol met voorbeelden van prachtige bloemen.

Create Something Special with More Than 100 Brilliant Floral Patterns
The latest addition to Lora S. Irish's successful library of art, craft and woodworking pattern books, the Great Book of Floral Patterns features more than 100 expertly drawn flowers that can be used for a wide variety of art and craft projects.
These patterns include everything from realistic flowers to stylized floral designs, which will allow you to fashion beautiful designs for projects in any media:
• Scroll Sawing and Intarsia-----• Woodcarving
• Stained Glass------• Painting
• Quilting-----• Wood Burning
• Graphic Design -------• Scrap Booking
• Tattooing -------• Screen Printing
Tulips, pansies, lilies, poppies, roses, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, daffodils, irises and poinsettias are just a few of the stunning flowers found inside. You'll find full color photos of finished works in a variety of settings, scenes, themes and backgrounds to show you the versatility of floral patterns and to help motivate you to create your own masterpiece.

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Ongeveer 100 voorbeelden voor houtsnijden  en houtbranden van Elfen.

Lora S. Irish, author of Great Book of Dragon Patterns and other useful reference guides for artists, proudly introduces her latest book for Fox Chapel Publishing - with more than 100 patterns of those most mystical and elusive beings called "Fairies."
The folklore of fairies - sometimes referred to as faes and flutterbyes - has been passed down through the generations, and they have captured the hearts and minds of artists for centuries. This book is brimming with tips and techniques for artists and craftspeople with any number of projects, including painting, woodworking, quilts, garden decorations, needlepoint, ceramics and more.
Inside, you'll find the history of fairies in legends, and clear descriptions of the various fairy types and their appearances.
- Wing patterns: Including bee wings, dragonfly wings, butterfly wings, moth wings, and modern options
- Poses: Handy tips on creating one fairy manikin and turning it into dozens of poses - it's easier than you think!
- Outfits: Dress your fairy in the best and brightest fashions
- Settings: From ponds to flower gardens to forest floors, you'll learn how to place your fairy in your favorite scenes and backgrounds

Meer dan 500 voorbeelden voor houtbranden, houtsnijden en tattoo

More than 500 Body Art Designs

From best-selling artist, author, and designer Lora Irish comes the Great Book of Tattoo Designs, an appealing and high-quality collection of over 200 original tattoo designs. Featuring an extensive variety of popular subjects including fantasy, Celtic, pagan, floral, gothic, and mythical, this book provides any artist or individual searching for the right tattoo with an unlimited resource of designs. Each pattern can be used individually, in combination with others in the book, or as inspiration for creating more original designs. It is THE ultimate resource for anyone interested in tattoos.

109 bladzijden over reliefcarving, zowel met mes, guts en machinaal.