Beelden en Sculpturen snijden.

Thuis beelden maken in hout.

Nederlands boek met 180 bladzijden over het maken van beelden in hout.


Carving the Head in the classic european tradition.

Gedetaileerd cursusboek over het snijden van een menselijk hoofd.

Carving the Head in the Classic European Tradition is a long-awaited reference guide from the instructors at the renowned Geisler-Moroder Austrian Woodcarving School , the largest international woodcarving school in Europe . For the first time in print, you’ll discover the step-by-step process of carving a modern bust using the traditional and famous system of the Tyrolean carvers. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, you’ll find this unique method of observation to be an inspiration as you work with “planes” throughout the carving process to achieve a modern final piece that is practically “released” from the cubical forms.
Inside Carving the Head in the Classic European Tradition, you’ll find:
* Techniques for creating your own model
* Step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow patterns
* Full-color photographs demonstrating precise cuts
* Theory of proportions and explanatory sketches throughout the project
* A gallery of different contemporary finishes for the completed bust


Carving Classic Female Figures.

Een boek voor de houtsnijder die vrouwelijke figuren wil snijden. Dit boek behandeld stap voor stap 2 voorbeelden.

Capture the Beauty of the Female Form
From prehistoric paintings on cave walls to the greats of the Renaissance to the complex imagery of cubism, artists and craftsmen around the world have been interpreting the nude female figure. In Carving Classic Female Figures in Wood, world-renowned author and teacher Ian Norbury offers his extensive experience as an artist and sculptor to help carvers take on the challenge of carving a nude figure.
Inside, you'll find:
• Gallery of Completed Works: to provide background on the artist's thought processes and inspiration for your own work
• Tips and Techniques on Pattern Making, including taking photographs and creating useful patterns
• Anatomy Sketches, showing the underlying muscles and how they work together to create movement
• Two Step-by-Step Projects, including a series of reference photos, bandsaw patterns and dozens of full-color photos showing the process from start to finish
With this book, you'll gain a greater understanding of the form of the female torso and its underlying structures. The author's systematic method of working from concept to the finished piece can then be applied to your own work allowing you to create carved sculptures that reflect your own vision.

Carving Classic Famele Faces.

Stap voor stap van begin tot eind wordt beschreven hoe men een vrouwelijk gezicht moet snijden.

A Valuable How-To Reference from One of the World’s Leading Wood Sculptors
In Carving Classic Female Faces in Wood, noted sculptor Ian Norbury gives woodcarvers a thorough, how-to guide to bringing out the beauty of a female face from a block of wood. Using hundreds of photographs and drawings, the author provides in-depth instruction on carving two different adult faces—one European and one Afro-Caribbean—and one child’s face.
Inside, both beginning and advanced woodcarvers and sculptors will find expert guidance on tackling the unique challenges of carving a female face, including:
• Anatomy of the female face
• Taking photographs and producing patterns
• Step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow patterns—with hundreds of full-color photographs of models and the carving process
• A photographic gallery of finished carvings to provide inspiration for your own work


Figure Carving in Wood.

Van Begin tot einde de beschrijving van een figuur in hout.

Carving the Human Figure.

Leer alles over het snijden van het menselijk figuur.


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Carving Eyes.

Leer om realistische ogen te snijden aan de hand van voorbeelden, die stap voor stap worden behandeld.

Imagine carving a human face that is so realistic, it looks as if it has taken on life. Expressive eyes, noses with character and definition, well-positioned ears, and hair that you could run your fingers through. Realistic facial features and expressions are the hallmarks of a good carving and now you can learn how to create them.
Inside you will find:
- In-depth information on anatomy as it relates to positioning and carving eyes
- Specific techniques for carving eyelids, brows, and pupils
- Step-by-step carving and texturing demonstrations for realistic-looking eyes
- Techniques and illustrations that will work for a wide variety of carving projects
The Carving Expressions in Wood series by Jeff Phares is designed to help you achieve life-like human carvings. Each book guides you - step-by-step - through carving a different facial feature. By studying and practicing each feature individually you will gain the skills necessary to create authentic carvings. Work you way through the series and soon you will be able to master the entire face!


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Carving Nose and Mouth.

Leer realistisch het snijden van de mond en de neus.

Carving real-looking facial features can be a challenge to even the most experienced carver. Now, with some help from carver extraordinaire Jeff Phares, carving noses and mouths in wood doesn't have to be such a struggle. Through step-by-step photos, Jeff shows you how to correctly position the nose and mouth on your carving, how to create the proper shapes and how to correct common mistakes. He also includes information on anatomy to help you understand how the muscles of the face dictate expression. In-depth information on carving tools, carving wood and reference material round out this informative and instructive book.
Inside you will find:
- In-depth information on anatomy as it relates to positioning and carving noses and mouths
- Specific techniques for carving smiles, frowns and other facial expressions
- Step-by-step carving and texturing demonstrations for realistic-looking noses and mouths
- Patterns that will work for a wide variety of carving projects


Human Face.

Verschillende technieken met veel foto's hoe te doen voor het snijden van menselijke gezichten.

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Female Face.

Vrouwgezicht  in hout. Stap voor stap beschrijving aan de hand van voorbeelden en foto's.

Helps keep carvers from creating sculptures of female faces that look like men.
Carving the female face in wood presents a difficult challenge for woodcarvers—their carved women too often looking like men in dresses. Starting with photos of women’s faces, this guide offers an anatomy lesson on the bone and muscle structure of the female face, including information on the facial features of women of various ethnicity, and then provides detailed instructions on how these delicate features can be convincingly carved. Ten ready-to-use patterns—with front and profile views—are included.

The art of Ian Norbury.

Meer dan 100 foto's over fantastische staaltjes van houtsnijwerk.


A Fascinating Gallery of Carvings From One of the World's Leading Sculptors
This book is an opportunity for lovers of fine woodcarving to examine the work of one of the art form's living masters Ian Norbury detailing his innovative techniques and his original and imaginative subjects.
More than 100 photographs richly illustrate his work in this book, which combines a mastery of woodcarving technique and a rich imagination inspired by artists such as Barlach, Dalí, Magritte, Fuchs, Jonssen and most of all, the Mexican surrealist Remedios Varo. Ian is steeped in European cultural history and has an overwhelming sense of the fatalistic repetition of history and the inevitability of the archetypal errors of humanity endlessly repeating themselves.
Recognized as one of world's leading wood sculptors, Ian Norbury is in demand as a teacher worldwide. His work is astonishing in its virtuosity of execution, enigmatic mystery and beauty. In recent years his innovative use of metals, stones, shells, gems, mixed timbers and inlays of colored woods have given his work new direction.
Norbury will continue to push the boundaries of woodcarving, perhaps in directions that will dismay the traditionalists, enrage the politically correct and delight his fans. Much of his work is based on European folklore and mythology combined with cynical tongue-in-cheek sideswipes at the pomposity of contemporary life. This finds an easy rapport with audiences, and his great technical expertise in the rendering of detail and his acute observations of expressions and appearances are irresistible to many people.